Santa Letters and Cookies

The letters are already in the mail and we are waiting for Santa to respond!! The boys are very specific this year.  They want guitars and lessons!!  Plus a few other things.  😉

Christmas Tree

I love this place more and more every year.  This tree farm is literally one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.


I  never realized I did not post this!!

Was a BUST for us.

We spent time making our viewers and the day was perfect!   Not a cloud in the sky.  As soon as it started…..the biggest, darkest grey cloud covered the sun.  No wind at all and that is where it stayed the whole time.  🙁  Oh well, it was fun and a good experience for the boys.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had a wonderful time on Thursday with our families at our house this year.  Tony out did himself and everything was really delicious.  I helped the boys make a sweet potato casserole and they also did a very good job.  The following day we headed to PG and Patti’s house for the weekend and also celebrated Thanksgiving #2 on Saturday.  Patti did a fantastic job with dinner and I always love PG’s deep fried turkey and oysters!!!!

Oh what a night!

Michelle and I took mom to a Paint Nite I was organizing for the boys school.  She had a lot of fun and did really good.  Was fun watching her take it all in and see what her perspective of the painting should look like.

Veteran’s Day

I am very late posting this!  I have been really sick the past 3-4 days and wanted to do this over the weekend.

Garret wrote a letter to all Veterans saying why he was thankful.  I thought it was very sweet and right on point.

It says:  “Thank you for saving the day, thank you for fighting too and thank you for being brave.”

Team USA?

The boys have started wrestling this week.  They practice 3 nights a week through December and then will have 6 meets all over PA from Jan through mid Feb.

Mark your calendars, because on Jan 20th their meet will be at the high school in Mercersburg!!!