I will miss him

The Pare family received some sad news back in June regarding Murphy.  He has been dx’d with liver cancer.

Not sure how long he has, but right now he is doing really well on the steroid the vet gave him.  He drinks a lot more water now (anywhere he can find it) and sleeps on my desk for most of the day, but he still likes to follow me around, play a little and is finally able to eat again (thanks to the steroid that has shrunk the tumor down).

Fingers crossed that we can keep him around for a few more months.


Gary, Carol and the girls have been coming up on Sundays to hang out with us and help out around the house.  Gary was nice enough to cut down our cherry tree (HA!).  It had died last year, but we just had not had time to do it ourselves.  With the 4 of us, we knocked it out really fast.   Carol has also been bringing us really yummy food.  Again, I can’t thank them enough.  It has giving me a chance to step out and go work on mom’s house and do other things I have not been able to get done.

Tony expanded the MX track behind the barn, so now he and Gary have a ton of space to ride.

We have a reader

This kid can READ!!!  He is currently reading chapter books at a  grade 5 level.  I am super proud of him and amazed at the words he can read.

This is where I found him the other morning.  Reading a book.

Rock School

Tony and I took the boys to the Maryland Institute of Music for their grand  opening.


Gary, Carol, Sean, Jess and the girls met us up there to watch Bob’s band play.  It was a fun day. The food was good and they had 3-4 bands that played through out the day.

For a while now, Garret had been talking about playing the electric guitar like Uncle Bobby and Cousin Nicholas, sssoooo while there, the owner Rik had his son, Justin, give G a quick lesson and he LOVED IT!!  Garret was very patient and dedicated to getting that lesson this past weekend.  With a little help from me, we filled out paperwork, signed him up and then he (on his own) continually followed up with the owner until it finally happened!  The look on his face when the son walked over to get him was priceless!!!  It was about a 10 min intro lesson, but he came out knowing his chords.


Beach with mom

We had a great trip to PG’s.  Mom had never been there, so it was nice to see her spend some time with PG and Patti.  She enjoyed herself and we played A LOT of Yhatzee.


This past Saturday was our yearly family reunion.  We had such a great time and I think they kids had a BLAST!  Love that they are making memories with their cousins.  I to this day can still remember our family reunions in Ohio.  They were always so much fun and I can always remember the games that we would play each year and the Chinese Fire Drill our cousin Vickie would let us do each time we pulled into the driveway.  🙂


Fun with Jen

The boys and I visited Jen’s parents dairy farm about a month ago.  We went swimming  in their pool and BTW the boys started swimming in the deep end without their swimmies!!  🙂  I was very proud.  They even went down the slide and off the diving board without them and swam the whole length of the pool.  I think watching Jayda and KK do it, boosted their confidence.

Afterwards, we saw all the calves, which liked to suck on B and G’s fingers (gross!) and visited all the cats that live on the farm in the “cat house”…LOL!