They are almost done!

The boys had a great season this spring.  They have come along way since last year and have really started to move past the let’s all circle around the ball mentality.  The whole team worked very hard on passing the ball, protecting the goal, attacking the ball and moving down the field when a team mate is pushing towards the goal.  It was really fun to watch.

The porch

I think is finally done. Still have some trim work that we need to do, but I love being out here, specially in the evening….with a book!


Congrats Aunt Chell!!

We could not be more proud of you and what you have accomplished over the last 21 years.  I believe you told us that you started taking college classes in 1996 and went off and on at night.  You went to Frederick Community, Hagerstown Community, Shippensburg University and I think there may have been one other in there somewhere!

I hope your day was awesome and special and the boys and I are so proud of you.   I still get a little misty eyed thinking about how awesome you are.

Demo update

The plumber was here on Monday and everything looks GREAT.  All cast iron and copper is now gone and replaced with PVC.

Then on Tuesday, Tony ripped out the part of the floor that had rotted away from the leaking pipes.  Afterwards, I gutted the ceiling, we cleaned it all out and while Tony worked on some other things, I started insulation and the vapor barrier.

Today, Bob was kind enough to send up his dry

walling guy to knock out the drywall!!  SO NICE!  Way faster then we could have ever done it.

Tomorrow, we put in the cement backer board on the floor and on Friday we start installing the tile.

Coming along!!!


We almost were able to get it all of it done Friday night and Saturday. I had to leave on Sunday to take care of my mom and Tony finished cleaning up the mess and removing the toilet.  Plumber comes today and then we can finish gutting the ceiling.

The bathroom was more then we expected.   The tub and plumbing slowed us down.  While I gutted all the walls, Tony worked on cutting out all the plumbing, breaking up the old cast iron tub and hauling all the mess out to the truck.  The walls took a lot of time as well.  I had to first remove each piece of wainscoting, which I threw right out the window for the burn pile.  I will miss that wainscoting.  It was really beautiful.  Then, I had to remove the old horse hair plaster and wood slats behind it.  Afterwards, I worked on the area around the bathtub. WHAT A MESS!  They had layer upon layer upon layer of stuff.

  • wood slats
  • horsehair plaster
  • wall paper (we think it was a nursery before being a bathroom)
  • wainscoting
  • wood framing
  • dry wall
  • cement backer board
  • tile
  • shower insert

CRAZY!  I can’t believe how many times I swung a sledge hammer on Saturday.  My hands still hurt.  🙂

Today the plumber is coming to rough in the tub, replace all of the old pipes and then we can finish knocking out the ceiling and hopefully all of this awful dust.  🙁  We have been taking showers in the yard with a hose.  Where is the warm weather!!!

It begins…..tomorrow!!

We are planning on gutting the bathroom tomorrow night and that gives us the weekend to start dryway, etc.  Plumbers show up on Monday to re-route the tub plumbing and then we can get started on tile.


Garret:  (6 yr checkup) 45.3 Lbs., 45 3/4″ (7 yr checkup) 52.8 Lbs., 48 3/4″

Broc:  (6 yr checkup) 50.3 Lbs., 47 1/4″ ( 7 yr checkup) 53.8 Lbs., 49″

Garret has almost caught up to Broc!!!

There visits went well and the doctor seemed very pleased.  She actually mentioned that she can’t believe when they came to see her for the 1st time that they were so tiny!!!!  Memories.  🙂