Your Looking at Country!

Michelle and I took mom to a show at the Green Grove Gardens in Greencastle for her bday.

It was really good.

Husband/Wife duo.  The wife sings songs from Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, and Tammy Wynette.  While the husband talks about the life of each artist.   It was a cute show.  They joked around a lot and she would dress up as each person he was talking about.

Dinner is served.  Chicken, mac and cheese, bbq, coleslaw, baked beans and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Our mom wanted to go again the next night!!!  Was nice seeing her enjoy herself.  Not often we see her so engaged and happy like that.  She did tell me about 12 times that PG needed to see the show.  🙂

This lady can really sing!!

Junie B Jones!

Loved this and the boys loved it as well.  Garret was really excited to tell the cast that he would be there for their summer camp and being part of 101 Dalmatians.

Turkey Hill Experience

B, G & and I had such a great time at the Turkey Hill Experience!  Located in Lancaster, it is a hands on museum, dedicated solely to how they make their ice cream and iced tea.  After roaming around the museum and making our own ice cream flavor, packaging and commercial….we were able to go to the Turkey Hill Ice Cream Lab.  This is where they give you plain ice cream and then you can flavor however you want, add your choice of syrup and then they have a TON of toppings all along the walls.  Really cool.  I made cinnamon ice cream, with apple and caramel syrup and my topping was roasted coconut.  SO good, just like apple pie.  🙂  G of course made strawberry everything and Broc made all chocolate with marsh mellow syrup.

Below was the commercial links:

Lots of pictures……



The ice was really crazy here last week and hung around for a few days.  B&G had a blast.

Beat Boxes

The boys put their hats on sideways and started to beat box and threw in some break dancing!!   Then afterwards they asked to watch some videos from the Beastie Boys.

All About the Author

The boy have been learning to write a lot of book reports over the past few months.  The other day they brought home a TON of them and I thought these were pretty cute.



Last weekend we went up to the cabin for a few hours and picked up sticks, had a little bon fire, played king of the hill and the boys explored the ice by the little island.  They had a lot of fun and reminding me a lot of when I was a kid!  BTW, anybody worried about the ice.  The creek is not deep (you can wade in the water there) and the ice was very thick.  😉