Camel Beach

We only had one day, the weather was not so great and daddy could not be with us, but we tried to make the best of it!!!

Turtle Turtle

I was working the other day and caught this guy flying past my office window.  For a turtle he was very fast.  I believe it is a Wood turtle.



I took the boys to the park a few weeks ago.  We rode bikes and ended up at the playground.

I always like watching kids come together and play.  It is either a hit or miss.  They play by their selves or after many glances at each other, walk byes and a few side comments.  They may or may not come together.  I have noticed in the past that it is usually Broc that takes the initiative to say hi to someone.  On this particular day, it was G!  He asked the kid about his nerf gun and how did he get on top of the monkey bars.  The kid showed him, after many tries G finally figured it out and then they were sitting next to each other talking about everything like they were long lost friends.  I loved this kid!  He was very nice to Garret and after about 15 mins, G yelled at Broc to come over and there you go…..the 3 Amigos until it was time to leave.

I wish life could always be that simple.

White Tail Summer Camp

The boys had a great time at White Tail’s Adventure Camp.  They did a lot of swimming and hiking, each group built a teepee, played games, shot air rifles and bow/arrows, team building activities, went to Cedar Ridge for their high/low ropes and zip lines, Thursday they even got to spend the night.  They watched a movie, had smores and played games.  On Friday, we had lunch with them and saw pictures of the week and the awards program.  Afterwards the boys walked me around and showed me everything they did during the week.

The counselors gave out awards at the end of the week.  G for the Best Story Teller…LOL and Broc for Most Encouraging. I thing they fit them both well.


Tanner spent the night and then went to adventure camp with the boys at White Tail the next day.  They had a great time and I am glad they have each other.


I got mine! Do you have yours?

It was worth the 2 month wait!!! Not sure if I am willing to check them out on my next trip to NY, but I will keep ordering them online.

Ever Rise/Kix

The boys went to their first really BIG show and they loved it.  Uncle Bobby waved at them from the stage, which made them feel pretty important.  Broc caught a shirt that Kyle launched from the stage, they met the whole ER band and was able to get everybody to sign their cool shirts.

Broc loved throwing down the horns and G danced the night away.

We stayed for a few Kix songs and then I left Tony there to hang out and took the boys home to bed!!