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Mercersburg, PA  

This site is no longer updated and only reflects a small portion of my old work.
For more current examples, contact me at tapdesigns@hotmail.com

Designs are not for sale unless otherwise noted. Most of these designs are custom for specific clients. Items for sale with my art may be available. Check the specific designs page for details. These are only a few examples of my work. Any questions please contact me at tapdesigns@hotmail.com.


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Baltimore E14
FDNY The Nut House L111 E214
FDNY It ain't easy E282 L148 Boro Park
FDNY L80 E157

Fire Companies [ 1-51 ]
New Image Name Description
  Red Hook NY Red Hook Fire Department. Dutchess County, NY. Battalion 1. 5 pieces of equipment
  FDNY Park Slope FNDY Park Slope, Brooklyn. E220 L122
  John Schardt Memorial
  Chicago Fire Department Chicago FD. Command Van 271, Amb 45,Truck 7, Engine 26
  FDNY House 10 Patch Patch design for House 10 FDNY
  FDNY Ozone Park FDNY Ozone Park Full Color Design. TL & E Plus building on fire.
  Nutter Fort WV Custom shirt for NFFD. 6 trucks total.
  FDNY Chinatown
  LA Task Force 89 LA Task Force 89
  LAFD Station 29
  Detroit FD E49 Detroit Fire Department. Engine 49. 2nd Battalion.
  FDNY Pride of South Street E4 & L15. NY Skyline.
  FDNY E4 L15 Bull FDNY Shirt
  BC Cross Eagle Run FDNY Battalion 57. 57, Nearest to Heaven.
  FDNY Hazmat 3 Trucks
  Malverne FD Malverne, New York. Engine 433 and station.
  Red Hook Raiders FDNY Red Hook Raiders. Battalion 32, Engine 202, Ladder 101. Warehouse with heavy fire. Station. Call box.
  Kentland Kentland VFD Memorial shirt.
  Dickson City Am Ex
  Dickson Rescue 23 Custom designed for Dickson City FD. Rescue 23. Station.
  Baltimore Wild West Baltimore City's West Side. Engine and Ladder. Drug Store with heavy fire.
  Baltimores Fire Factory Baltimores Fire Factory. 2 Trucks. Fire house. Store on fire.
  Boston E37 L26 Boston FD. Engine 37 Ladder 26. Famous Citgo sign landmark in background.
  Cabrini Green Chicago FD. Engine 4. Tower Ladder 10.
  Yankee Stadium FDNY.
  Sunset Park FDNY. Ladder Company 114. 1897-1997
  DCFD Buffalo Soldiers DCFD Truck 17
  Baltimores East Side Baltimore Ladder 5.
  North Shore Truckin FDNY. Staton Island.
  Battalion 45 10 Trucks! Queens Battalion 45.
  Future Firefighter Youth designs. These designs are for sale.
  Firefighters Best Friend Youth designs. These designs are for sale.
  Chicagos Chinatown Custom. Ladder 4, Car 2, A 58, and Engine 8
  West End Custom. Quakertown, PA. Ladder 18 & Rescue 18
  Upper Dauphin EMS Custom. Medic 6. 20th Anniversary.
  Luck O' the Irish FDNY Irish theme
  M. Otten Memorial Michael J. Otten Memorial. FDNY. Manhattan's Upper West Side. The Cavemen. Engine 40, Tower Ladder 35.
  Mechanicsville VRS Custom. EMS 29. A-296. Co. 29. St. Marys County Maryland
  Pride of Midtown FDNY Pride of Midtown Jose Antonio Guadalupe Engine 54. Times Square. "Never missed a preformance"
  9-11 Memorial FDNY Helmet with 343. Post 9-11 Skyline with dual lights. American Flag text.
  Snyder Island FDNY East Flatbush. Engine 130 and Ladder 174. Apartment building with fire and Station.
  Engine 23 Midtown Manhattan. Engine 23 rig. Ed Sullivan theater/David Letterman Show. Carnagie Deli with fire and Station.
  Tonka Truck Tower Ladder 124. Brooklyn's Tonka Truck with rowhouses engulfed.
  Rescue 4 FDNY Queens Rescue 4 rig. Elks club building, station, and Citibank building with fire.
  Rescue 2 FDNY Brooklyn Rescue 2 Rig. Station & Apartment with heavy fire.
  Queens Battalion 49 10 Trucks! Battalion 49 car. Engines 316, 307, 262, 325, 263, and 312. Ladders 163, 154, and 117.
  Queens Battalion 46 9 Trucks! Battalion 46 car, Engines 324, 287, 289, 292, 319. Ladders 138 & 136 plus Satalite 4
  Queens Battalion 9 FDNY Queens Battalion 9. Battalion 9 Car, Engines 23, 54, 40 and Ladders 4, 35
  Da Bronx FDNY Bronx. Battalion 27, Engine 79, Ladder 37
  Heroes FDNY Heroes 9-11 Memorial
  Support Our Troops Support Our Troops. Fire Engine, Marine, Fire Fighter, and M1A1 Battle tank.

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