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Mercersburg, PA  

This site is no longer updated and only reflects a small portion of my old work.
For more current examples, contact me at tapdesigns@hotmail.com

Designs are not for sale unless otherwise noted. Most of these designs are custom for specific clients. Items for sale with my art may be available. Check the specific designs page for details. These are only a few examples of my work. Any questions please contact me at tapdesigns@hotmail.com.


Coming Soon:
Baltimore E14
FDNY The Nut House L111 E214
FDNY It ain't easy E282 L148 Boro Park
FDNY L80 E157

Zoo and Aquarium [ 1-5 ]
New Image Name Description
  Iguana Cling on Shooter Polycast Iguana Shooter glass. Custom design done at Charles Products.
  Fragile Forest Custom. Produced for use on T-shirts, mugs, magnets etc.. for Shedd Aquarium in Chicago & The National Aquarium in Baltimore. Copyright Charles Products, Inc. Rockville, MD.
  TN Aquarium Salamander
  Forest Edge North American Wildlife scene created for Northwest Wildlife Trek in Washington State.
  Reef Dolphins Underwater Reef Scene with Dolphins created for the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

All designs are copyright ©TAP designs, Advanced Print and Video or Eagle Emblems, Inc.